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Avalon Airshow 2005
Once again I worked as a tarmac marshall at Avalon Airshow
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The warbird collection wasn't as large as expected with the absence of Judy Pay's group and the Temora Aviation Museum. Still it was a good line up and the crowd enjoyed it.
Aero L-39 Albatross
A very modern Eastern European jet that qualifies as a warbird - nice if you've got the $$$
CA-12 Boomerang
Matt Denning flew his Boomerang down for the show
CA-25 Winjeel
From the RAAF Museum at Point Cook
CJ-6 Nanchang
One of the many Nanchangs now on the Australian register - apparently they're a great introductory Warbird and fun to fly
Curtiss P40 Kittyhawk
A beautifully restored P40 Kittyhawk
Hawker Sea Fury
Nigel Arnott flew this down from Brisbane, then hopped on a JetStar flight and went back to bring down the Avenger the next day.
Mitsubishi A6M Zero
Actually, it's a Harvard that's been modified to look like a Zero :)
North American P-51 Mustang Three P-51's were at the show - the RAAF Museum's and two privately owned ones.
North American T-6 Harvard
The Southern Knights, Australia's only civilian aerobatic team, were there with their Harvards
North American T-28 Trojan
Steve Death brought his Trojan down from Albury

Commercial Aircraft
A number of commercial transports were there, including those in the show and those that were carrying visitors to and from the show.
JetStar Airbus A320
JetStar (aka PornStar or DeathStar) were flying commercial operations during the show, sometimes with their A320's. They also had an A320 on static display in the keyhole (thus the A320 passing me while being towed)
JetStar Boeing 717
JetStar were also using their B717s for commercial operations during the show.
OzJet Boeing 737-200
OzJet came in on the weekend with their sole B737-200 - nice paint job, apparently wonderful inside (business class leather seats) - shame it's such an antique... Was referred to by ground staff as "EuroTrash" :)
QANTAS Boeing 747-300
QANTAS had an old 747-300 parked in the static area with airstairs so people could go through it. It was great to give people an idea of just how big these aircraft are as they could walk around underneath it.
QANTAS Boeing 747-400
QANTAS also had a couple of 747-400's come in and out for servicing during the time we were there.